Climate change and Poverty.

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Climate change and Poverty are deeply inter linked with one another but on surface both of these concepts serve a very different meaning that we usually find them not related at a first glance.

What does these words mean indifferent to each other? 

Climate change is a phenomenon that occurs with the abnormal change in the weather cycle, be it uneven summers, winters or anything. It is in general causes by global warming which is a result of human interference with the natural world with the over usage of resources or exploitation of the same.

Poverty on the other hand the is the living condition. It defines a condition of living in which the income of a certain person or a group or community is too low for meeting the basic human need that is food, shelter and clothes. It is socio economic condition that separates a person from the general public and puts them in a condition in which the general need items are hard to acquire because of the declined financial sustainment.

So how are these two related?

With constant struggle to provide oneself with food, shelter and other basic items, just think how disastrously a changing environment will affect someone. Climate change causes some unforeseen weather conditions and with every day passing by, the possibility of identifying a threat is shrinking almost to the level that an unpredicted natural threat can occur and nobody would know beforehand.

More than 1.3 billion people live on deteriorating decomposing agricultural land, putting them at risk of depleted harvests that can lead to worsening hunger, poverty and displacement. There is no hiding that climate change or natural disasters affects different economic groups differently. With increasing threat of changing climate every day, the rich have a backup option that would serve in the need but the poor will have to depend and they cannot escape the consequences. When cyclone Nivar struck southern India with severe impact in Tamil Nadu. The after effects of that is what we should consider. More than 2500 huts were destroyed, leaving behind the poor with no means to stand backup on their feet.

The climate change affects everyone in different ways, but the most impacted group of people are the ones who are under poverty, the people who are living under a daily wage system and some who are not earning at all.

Some basic known threats to people under poverty can be as follows:

Leaving behind farm land. For many farmers who do their farming individually, farm land is the most important asset. With increasing climate change, the soil erosion or draughts are pretty common which causes infertility of land and thus they had to leave behind that land or to sell it off. This puts up the leverage of stable income and thus creating a situation to be depending on daily incomes.

Threat of livelihood. Most of the people who lie under poverty cannot afford a roof on their heads, they are forced to live in huts or kacha houses which are not well constructed. Thus occurrence of any natural calamity would cause a great disaster which can lead to destruction of the property and things owned by these people.

Water and food shortage. You can imagine how hard it would be to provide for food and water when the income is limited and limited to an extent that these people are considered to be living under poverty. With every coming disaster, the living condition worsen. Food and water shortage creates one really difficult living condition. Droughts intensified by climate change are putting immense pressure on the world’s freshwater supplies. Already, 1 in 4 people around the world face dire water shortages. By 2050, it’s predicted, as many as 50% of people could face water shortages. 

The fight against poverty and climate change can only be solved with joint efforts of all of the people. With climate change be the cause of most the problem, this phenomenon is certainly man made and harm us only because of us being inconsiderate towards the environment around us. Donate to any shelter and food providing NGOs near you and try to volunteer and help in any way possible and I can’t leave without saying that we all should be held responsible for our ignorance towards the environment and should help improve it little by little.

Types of Hashtag. Keep these in mind while doing hashtag marketing.

What exactly is a hashtag? Hashtags are a label that gives a certain word or group of words a tag by then it is searchable and will invite users who are interested in the same topic.

Fun fact, The first hashtag was used way back in 2007 on Twitter. Before that the #(Pound) symbol was used around the web for a long time which helped in developing Hashtag.

Previously, hashtags were used on Twitter only, but now these are used on various social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Hashtags can prove a vital role in product launches, marketing of a brand, relaunching of any brand, brand awareness and many other things. They can target a visitor, who is interested in a topic to your brand page and eventually turning them into a potential customer. Or just in general provide you with a broader niche of people according to your content and postings.

Type of hashtags related to Branding.

Brand: These are the Hashtags that have your name or the name of the brand in them. To create a presence on social media , you need to have a certain hashtag that will identify your brand name and then your users/community can follow these to see what others are posting about your brand.
A good way to direct your followers to follow the branded hashtag is to showcase posts and ask them to post more using your particular hashtag. You can feature users for using your hashtag via stories or posts.

Campaign: These are the hashtags for any specific marketing campaigns that are being created by the Brand to promote and to spread awareness about a product, service, event or any general message. A very important tip is to keep them short with a good gist of what you’re providing and promoting.
For example, KitKat’s pretty famous #haveabreak which is certainly their tagline, Have a break, Have a KitKat. It now has been embedded and is a staple with a brand, which is very interesting and brilliant at the same time.

Community: Community Hashtags are important and will help you interact more efficiently with the people that follow your brand and can give a more personal experience. You can assign different hashtags for different days, an example of this can be #questionmonday #tuesdaysuggestion #tipsthursday or anything of that sort. Keep it personal and unique to stand out from competition.

Trending: Trending hashtags are generally related to trending topics. They are trickier but once you get them right, you can get a good following and audience towards your account.
For example, When instagram introduced reels, the hashtags #reels #reelitfeelit were trending and they were also featuring some of the creators.


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects the thinking and decision making of a person by causing hallucinations and hesitation in speech due to constant distortions in thinking and general human behaviour. According to WHO it affects 20 million people worldwide yearly.

People suffering from this particular mental disorder can often adapt to some preventable physical disorders such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease and infections. This can lead to the early death of the patients. So what are the general symptoms and the basic things that you can notice right off the bat? Well the basic symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, distorted thoughts and speech.


1. Patients get delusional and start with the basic false beliefs and that they are being targeted and every other dialogue. This is a chronic disease and developing these delusions can really take a toll on the persons mental health over the course of time.

2. Another one of the symptoms of the very common chronic mental disease is having hallucinations. We all know what hallucinations are. But to some people who do not know and/or are simply unaware of the term, it is in very simple terms seeing and hearing things that don’t exist or just simply aren’t there.

3. There are other very similar types of symptoms of Schizophrenia, disorganization is the main in all of them. Be it disorganised motor behaviour or thought process or just simply inability to participate in the daily routine of tasks.

4. Distorted thinking and speech is also present, answers to some questions can be particularly unintentionally be jumble of words. People suffering with this often find themselves in a situation of not being able to put together words and thus causing distortion in one on one communication.

5. Some easy other symptoms for detecting the mental disorder at an early stage are

A change in grades, social withdrawal, trouble concentrating, temper flares and also sometimes difficulty sleeping. But these are not a rule of thumb and also are not ready made clauses to identify with the disorder.


So how would you identify someone with this mental disorder? You can go talk to them and notice these certain above mentioned behaviours and habits. Having a conversation on how the day was or any basic personal detail can help you recognize these changes.

The symptoms are often considered to be natural, so it simply branches out to a mental illness that doesn’t need any treatment, let alone identifying it. Which is very wrong and also dangerous as some cases can cause chronic suicidal thoughts and also lead to early deaths.

So what is the basic identification for this mental disorder?

For that we should consider the causes and also the main basic factors.

The disease can be caused due to genetic inheritance and also some environmental factors. Environmental factors include any mental trauma, childhood memories with any traumatic experiences and also basic psychological factors.

Although there is no known cure for Schizophrenia, some basic prevention for the same can be considered as following,

1. Antipsychotic drugs: Please do consider some precautions and also have a proper prescription for the same.

2. Counselling: Go for a professional counselor, talk to people you believe in and open up about it. The key is to share it with people and also try to make yourself aware of the same. People often stigmatize mental disorders and it is very important to make it out in the eyes of society.

3. Family therapy: Family therapy can actually help with moving forwards with this psychological disorder. But you should always consider some professional help on the other hand reading the signs of the situation.

4. Hospitalization: This measure should only be considered if the person is hurting themselves or others. Or you see a visible decrease in their health through face or body. Although doctoral advice is always considered to be the best.

Schizophrenia is not a worst of common diseases but it can be a serious and chronic one. Which also makes it to be in constant attention. Worldwide about 1 percent of the population is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Like every other mental disorder, Schizophrenia too should not be taken lightly and also should not be stigmatized. It should be talked about openly and the people suffering from it should not be pushed aside or treated like inferiors.

5 Ways to build a better brand image via Social media.

The pool of social media is way bigger than we know, the power of influence and also the endorsement really come handy when you’re starting your business on a small scale. Being aware of the recent trends really helps and also will make you reach out to the targeted audience. Be it a trending Reel on Instagram or a good and properly constructed youtube video, every bit helps. So how exactly you can build a lasting and more prominent brand image via Social Media.

So what exactly is social media? Social media is an interactive digital space that facilitates the creation or sharing/exchange of information, ideas, career interests, and other (any) forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.  India is the country which jointly (along with USA) headed the ranking of the countries with the most Instagram users with 140 million users accessing the photo sharing and editing app as of January 2021 (source). 

Just imagine the audience what you can be getting with the being trending and hopping on the trending pages of these users. Here are some general ideas of what you can adapt.

  1. User entertainment features: To certainly hop on the trending page you need good, engaging and enjoyable content. Take turns on social media features, use what is trending (Any sound, music, video ideas). Social media features like Instagram Reels, IGTVs, Facebook videos, Youtube shorts are getting a good traction these days. With the recent ban of tiktok many of the social media platforms are promoting short video content, use it as an advantage and look up what the music is trending. This will surely bring traffic to your account and eventually on your business. 
  1. Awareness via videos: Videos are a good way of getting an audience. Make factual videos with proper pointers and of short length. Here are some ideas to encrypt into videos, services you provide, why it is important for your targeted audience to have those products and services, recent trends and how you are on the top of the trend or how you match the ongoing trends. You can provide exact data for making the videos more interesting and also provide exact numbers.
  1. Influencer campaigns, Brand endorsements: you cannot gain a lot of followers in just some initial days. There are people who have a lot of followers and do brand work too. With the help of paid and barter collaborations, you can endorse your product and services and also promote your brand with your targeted audience. You can find bloggers and Influencers in your particular niche and that will give you a better grab of the market.
  1. Targeted ads: Advertisements have been around for a very long time, the first print ad was published in 1704 in Boston News-Letter. Over the period of time, Ads have become more personal and tailored and that is what Targeted advertising is. Whenever you visit a website, it asks you to accept cookies which gives you a personal id and stores data according to your search. That data gets collected and then advertisers bid to whose ad is more relevant to what keyword you’ve searched for. You can use these targeted ads with relevant Keywords to land on the right page and can turn your visitor to a potential buyer. Facebook, Google and LinkedIn all have these targeted ads and can really be helpful to grow your business.
  1. Building a Community: Apart from the basic sales, building a community is pretty important for any business. How can you build yourself a community? This can happen with social media pages. Create a proper strategy with a social media manager. Add different topics to your stories. Talk about your niche and post blogs about the Hows and whys. Doing weekly QnAs. things like TacoTuesday or MondayMotivation can also add up to this. Some other options can also include doing Live sessions, replying to comments and DMs, tweeting about recent updates or any other personalised thing that will help you tell that you are more than your products.

These are some of the ways by how you can build a good brand image. Remember these are not tailormade rules and can vary from person to person and business to business. Hope you find them useful.

What is Koo? The Indian twitter and its features.

With all the recent problems with blocking the accounts on Twitter, Indian Govt has launched its own micro blogging and opinion sharing platform by the name of Koo. Under the campaign of Atmanirbhar bharat, KOO was formerly known as Ku Koo Ku, was developed by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka in March 2020. It has also won the Indian government’s Aatmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge in August 2020. 

The App is exactly like twitter and lets you share opinions, photos and videos along with hashtags. Features Like following other users and liking the photos, videos and text updates is also available. The app was first launched in the Kannada language, Now it supports Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. In the future it plans to provide support for Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Meitei, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Urdu.

It is currently available on Google app store with more than a Million downloads. The app holds a rating of 4.6 stars with more than 89000 reviews. It also is available on the Apple app store and has a rating of 4.2 stars with 1300 reviews.

The app shot to fame when the Original app, Twitter was in a standoff with indian government over blocking the accounts that the government had asked and twitter was refusing it between the circumstances of the Farmers protest. The app also won the AatmaNirbhar App Innovation Challenge held by the Government of India in August last year. 

PM Narendra Modi has endorsed Indians to use the Koo app in Mann Ki Baat.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal had also uploaded a tweet on Twitter, “I am now on Koo. Connect with me on this Indian micro-blogging platform for real-time, exciting and exclusive updates. Let us exchange our thoughts and ideas on  Koo.” You can also find many prominent personalities like Sadhguru, Piyush Goyal, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Anil Kumble and Javagal Srinath on Koo. 

Although there is a problem, the app has been seen leaking the data of its users. A member of Fsociety, Baptiste appears to suggest that it was easy for him to get to the personal information of users of Koo. He said the app leaked personal data of its users including email, date of birth, marital status, and gender. In more screenshots, Baptiste also suggested that Koo had a domain registered in the US with the registrant based in China.

Replying to this the founder of the Koo App Radhakrishna said, “The data visible is something that the user has voluntarily shown on their profile of Koo. It cannot be termed a data leak. If you visit a user profile you can see it anyway.” Baptiste termed the response a “lie”.

Then Baptise replied to this saying, “Update: Koo founder commented the leak. It’s a lie. I did check this point before tweeting and it was not true”. In response to Baptiste’s latest allegation, Radhakrishna said, “We’re attempting to do something for our country, India. All help is appreciated. If you want to help out in this journey of ours please write to me on and we can take a look at all the feedback you have. Thanks!”

Benefits of Social Media Optimisation

Kavya Matia

Kavya Matia

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Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

With moving generations and worlds so fast, the consumption and usage of technology is also increasing. You, me and many others like us do not want to get out of our way to get the things be it product or services, with the ease of social media and the digital market we are able to find the things that we are looking for delivered right at our doorsteps.

So why is it so important to digitalize your business and have a social media presence so to say?

Social media user numbers jumped by more than 13% over the past year, with nearly half a billion new users taking the global total to almost 4.2 billion by the start of 2021. With these stats you can imagine how big of an impact having a good social media presence can have on a small/big business or any service provider. You can target users with the same niche as your business via personalised ads and also get click/ backlinks in many ways to convert a visitor into a potential customer.

5 benefits for a business from social media. (SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMISATION)

Social media optimization is really a game changer these days and with the introduction of new digital marketing strategy it is easy to convert visitors into customers with targeted ads, optimum traffic and many other ways. Read below about what benefits these can provide.

Get more traffic: With increasing users on every platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other user based social media platform. We have a huge number of people that are onboarding the potential customer list and are looking for goods and services online. With a perfect brand strategy and a good awareness program you can take advantage of this constantly increasing traffic and move it favour of your website/business

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is a best way to get in the eyes of potential customers and also giving a good sense of revival to an old brand or launching a new brand. It helps, as the name suggest, in creating with the awareness of the presence of a certain brand in the market and also helps keeping in track with the competition.

Targeted Ads/More interested customers: Social media ads are a great way to turn and convert a potential client into a paying one, with monitoring of social behaviours and collection of data nearly 24/7, sites have enough knowledge to figure out that what is your targeted audience. You can get connected with the people who might be interested in your product and services with very specific language and targeted keywords.

Stay connected with customers/ building a community: People right now wants assistance at its earliest. If you have your eyes on the media, connecting with the customers and actually listening and resolving the query and problems, that will really help you maintain a good online reputation and also perform better in the market than competition.

Track your competition: Market research helps a ton when you are new and have no idea of the digital market. You can get ideas and inspiration from the competition. This will help you get more traction and also will keep you relevant in the market for a longer time. Tracking competition is very important for new businesses but it is also important for the comparatively old and settled businesses. The relevance is what will make you stay in the digital market for long and on social media as well.

What if?

What if, just once this mind rests ?

Apart from bonds, sets free


What if?

Isolation, apart from words,

Is getting you troubled to

Break down your bubble.

What if, thinking who you got,

got you nothing?

Alone, right?

What if, you’re nothing other

Than the fake smiles?

What if? That didn’t helped.

What will !

Leaving all , so you are heading,

Towards? What if, you knew?

Mysteries rushing, questions killing

Who, themselves? No me.

Feeling?, subtle.

Amazed. Not a good time to be.

I think I’m haunted, by depression.

Who you kidding?

It is just the situation.

Doing great, I replied holding in.

Shaked hands, both left.

Solitary and I.

#life #alone #all


Every rise, has its end.

That’s true, I felt this through,

In this mysterious land 

Titled life.

Hands that help us , walking running.

I felt them, shivering.

Moment held in, time stops by.

Asking us all, why?

Why all are crying.

Hoping all will stop,

Hoping all will go fine.

We all were holding that same pain in our smiles.

They raised us, they prayed for me

I cried out loud, that apostrophe

Marked that direct relationship

I wished I cared enough before

When it all was in our fists.

We will be singing the prayers enough loudly,

Wishing we that changes something, too quickly,



Smile a little bit more don’t stumble,

Fight a little bit more.

Fragile is what they call you, 

Perfect confidant is what you are.

Think a little more wiser,

We’ve come a little more farther.

Robustness, your firmness,

Taken incorrectly.

Feelings all mixed,

You are impersonating.

Power is what you are, little thunder.

Power is what you have.

Ill are their thoughts who under 

estimate your inner perfection.

Persuading love.

In love all the things seems good, about that person about that time. You always want just to live in the moment and also at the very same time you want to build a strong connection that will last forever.

But let us all just take a second and ask to ourselves that what you exactly want from other person or what exactly you picture in your potential lover and how you’re gonna present in front of the other person that he/she will understands it the exact same way you were expressing ?

Many relationships in today’s generation seems not to work out properly as it is likely to be noticed that they are based on the first time attraction or in the simple language, love at first sight.

Yes, I’m also a person from between you people but you can say that my thinking is kinda backwards.

I always try to seek out all the things from the person and then choose to be with them or not.

But yes ofcourse I have also seen a lot disappointment. As no matter what how much efforts your gonna put in with someone, they will just never change.

Now here, I’m not cursing the person that they did something wrong to me, but things were just not that common.

So the experience I had with these couple heartbreaks is simple that know the person well before getting into anything that can effect you on a deeper level.